Sunday, May 19, 2019

Wicked Harvest’s “Quick Spooks” - Scarecrow

Wicked Harvest’s “Quick Spooks”
(One Paragraph Short Stories)
The scarecrow is in its field for years, season after season. The crows aren’t scared of him, but the townsfolk certainly are. They hear his sinister laugh at night and dread what will come Halloween night. On Halloween he leaves his perch in the corn field and his laugh echoes in the sky. The townsfolk know and disappear into their homes locking the windows and doors. The strangers in town are never so lucky.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Real Ghost Story - Work

Yesterday I was at work. It was around 10:30am. Beautiful day outside. I was watching a co-worker moving some items with a fork-lift outside. I was standing in the doorway. Clear as day I hear a man call my name like he was standing right behind me. It was so real that I immediately answered "Yeah" as I turned my head to the right to see who wanted my attention. There was no one there. I looked to the left, right and down the one. 
When my co-worker was done he walked towards me and said, "What's the matter with you?" I replied, "I'm freaking out! I just heard someone call my name, but there was no one there."

Ever happen to you?

Monday, May 6, 2019

Wicked Harvest’s “Quick Spooks” - Hole

Wicked Harvest’s “Quick Spooks”
(One Paragraph Short Stories)

I was digging holes for my garden the other day. Planting some nice flowering bushes. I felt that although it was hard work it was quite therapeutic. On the last hole I just kept going and going. Next thing I knew I dug a perfect three foot wide, six foot long, six foot deep hole. I pondered...hmm this is like the perfect size for a body. Then I laughed and wondered, why would I dig such a hole? …And then it hit me when my asshole of a neighbor came over to complain. He'll be missed. Not by me, but someone I'm sure.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Wicked Harvest’s “Quick Spooks” - Werewolf

Wicked Harvest’s “Quick Spooks”
(One Paragraph Short Stories)

How do you not notice I’m here?
Well I'm just preoccupied.
Seriously, I'm 7 feet tall, 60" chest, huge teeth, growling, snarling and I get nothing?
Look, it's not you okay, you're a big scary werewolf and you're super frightening really, I just...
Uhggg, come on.  
Are you mad? You're mad aren't you?
Well it's just that I'm a huge hairy beast that goes around maiming, killing and scaring people and you don't even notice me. It's like you just don't care.
Look, I care, I'm very afraid of you. I'm fearing for my life right now as we speak. 
Uhggg please, just save it, I'm going for a walk.
Werewolf, come on, I'm really scared, please just jump out of the bushes at me one more time.
Forget it. 

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Wicked Harvest’s “Quick Spooks” - Bully

Wicked Harvest’s “Quick Spooks”
(One Paragraph Short Stories)

I saw my bully from school 20 years after we graduated high school. I was visiting the Grand Canyon with my family. He was visiting with his family. He looked about the same except with a receding hairline, 40 pounds heavier and a graying goatee. Part of me wanted to let bygones be bygones, part of me wanted to confront him and get an apology and part of me, honestly, wanted revenge. His family had gone to the restroom while he walked over to the edge of the canyon to take a photo. I decided to join him near the edge.
I found out three weeks later that it wasn’t my school bully after all. I found this out because the guy I pushed over the edge now haunts my house.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Wicked Harvest’s “Quick Spooks” - TV

Wicked Harvest’s “Quick Spooks” - TV
(One Paragraph Short Stories)

Nothing is on television. I spend my hard earned money on 300+ channels and I can’t find anything interesting or entertaining. I really want to watch something scary, but it seems like I’ve seen all the scary and horror movies out there. Checking channel after channel; seen it, seen it, looks bad, seen it…oh now here’s something interesting. Someone sitting in a dark room, candles lit and a large dark ominous shadow creature hovering over the…wait, that’s my couch, my candles, my….reflection.

Wicked Harvest's "Quick Spooks" - Lake

Wicked Harvest's "Quick Spooks" - Lake

I was sitting quietly one morning in my boat on a beautiful lake. The sun had just come up, a cool breeze was coming in from the West. I took a few sips of my coffee and noticed a majestic crane walking slowly near the lake edge. His eyes darted back and forth looking for a single unaware fish for breakfast. It was a very peaceful scene. Just as I swallowed my mouth full of coffee a zombie hand shot from the water just below the crane. Its decaying hand grasped the crane’s neck. The doomed bird’s wings flung outward, feathers flying, but within a second it disappeared into the murky water. I don't go fishing in that lake anymore.