Tuesday, May 22, 2018

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Friday, May 18, 2018

Spring, but thinking of Fall

It’s mid-May and I’m already thinking about Fall coming. Is that wrong? I guess that all depends on who you ask right? My whole life I have lived and breathed anything and everything that is the season of fall. The three greatest months of the year; September, October and November. …and of those, October of course, being my favorite.

It’s not that I don’t like Spring and Summer, it’s that I have a favorite, just like most people I assume. (Notice I didn’t include Winter in that short list…I’m really not a big fan of Winter and all of its wind, cold, ice and snow). Some people look forward to summer’s warmth, fun and sun on the beaches of Lake Michigan, trips to the corner ice cream shop and getting their hands dirty in the garden or flower beds. I get that. I myself (and the wife) love spending time on our porch watching and listening to the birds, BBQing and sipping a few Margaritas or Shandys. It’s very relaxing for us. It’s one of our true “Happy Places”. And of course we venture out often to towns across Michigan to try the local restaurants, breweries and ice cream shops.

Deep down in the middle of summer however, I am always thinking ahead. Thinking ahead a few months to my favorite season. I’m not trying to rush time or blow past the beautiful aspects of the spring and summer months it’s just that…well…fall is in my blood and I can’t help but think about it every year.

With September the start of fall (for me at least) I get super excited about all things that encompass the season; the changing color of the leaves, cool crisp breezes, crock pot chilly, hearty stews, chowders and even chicken and dumplings, putting on my favorite hooded sweatshirts and flannel shirts, drinking hot cocoa and flavored coffee on the porch, trips to the local orchards and pumpkin patches for fresh donuts, cider and the right pumpkins for decoration, trips to the thumb area or up north and of course my favorite holiday of Halloween. Oh and let’s not forget…pumpkin spice everything! HA!!

It is indeed May now, and I will enjoy my spring and summer, but fall is right around the corner. My creative writing juices will be flowing like mad (one can only hope) and I will be typing away feverishly on more blog posts, spooky stories and my book projects.